Monday, August 9, 2010

thats right I got transfered and it was a good one.
Im sad that I had to leave milagro but it was time, now I am here in the middle of the andes mountains and I am freezing my butt off. it seriously is cold here and the sun is out, I dont want to have to think about tonight, thats why, when I get done writiting Im going to go to the store and buy a sweater, its what all themissionaries do here,

I also got bumped up to district leader, so that means I finally have to work, I know it sucks that the missionary in the family has to do missionary work but its all good, I wont die from it. my comps name is elder Liberato, he is from guatamala, and has 4 1/2 months in the mission, but we have a solid group of investigatores here and alot have baptismal date, so I am really excited to work here, I was ready for a change of scenery but now that its come I am really ready to work my butt off,

as for packages, sorry but here they wont get here unless they only weigh like 2 1/2 pounds, but thats fine if you want to send me 2 giant bags of beef jerkey again ( wink wink wink wink wink)

Im sad to hear that cliff hazelton died, it was his time, he has served the lord faithfully his whole life and now is resting in paradise, and will soon come into and inherit his glory.

dad I hope your feeling better, just fyi, when you have really bad antacid chalky pills suck, you need to drink milk of magnesia, or pepto, the tastes arent too good, but they help more than tums, and faster.

I hope grandma is feeling better, mom just remember that when we lose our cool, it dosent help anything, so just remember pacience, and like I was explaining to the members the other day, pacience isnt enough, you have to develope all of the christlike attributes, if you want to be happy, I hope you all have a fun week in SLC tell everyone I say hi and if you cant get to a comp to write me dont worry, Im not going to die.

now dad car stuff, I think that is a really ok Idea, I have no problem paying for the things on my own car, so Ill be fine, it is good news that I wont have to go instantly to school, so I will just be able to relax, work on my car and work, but we dont need to worry about that until spring.

with electrical the 3 big problems were the energy drain, the clock/volt reader, and the dome light dont work, so there is definatly a short goin on in there some where,

dadd I want you to look please and tell me, in the hood by the engines are a couple of plastic parts that are broken, like the windowwiper fluid, can you look in black dragon and see if they have those parts, because if they dont I could see us having problems finding those, old plastic parts.

well Im sorry that this is a short one today I dont have alot of time and p day is going to end in an hour, and I only got here to cuenca 1/2 hour ago,
I love you all very much and next weeek I will write to you guys and describe my sector.

Elder Jonathan Match
mission guayaquil sur, sector Tomebamba

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